Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wall photos

It's one of Europe's biggest walled parks. More than 13 kilometers of wall encircle about 1700 acres of wood and meadow, not to mention the golf course, the Royal palaces, and the Grand Prix circuit. 
Walled, with gatekeepers in gatekeeper's cottages, who lock up at 8.30 at night. Promptly, and with no mercy.

Walls like trees; dappled, layered, and barked.
Wet walls around the motor circuit, soft and green, hosting races of their own.
Some of the beasts are a little more permanent.
All those miles of plain white plaster, it's hard to resist the temptation to make a statement. 
Something private, from the heart,
or a public invitation to spread the loving...
But there are two sides to every wall. graffiti on the inside has a different character.
Even the Ultras have to contend with ivy and saplings. It's pretty clear who's winning.

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